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Distributor of 3 brands worldwide

We run business on multiple platforms, and are present in many parts of the world, large e-commerce sites  eBay Amazon …
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5A SYSTEMS LLC CO., LTD was established in 2014, is one of the leading units in the US specializing in researching, manufacturing and providing the most modern solutions for smart home. All products of 5A SYSTEMS are always appreciated for their quality, sophisticated design, luxurious design, and beautiful color over time.


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TUYA is a Smart home platform designed to be used by a variety of manufacturers. Many devices are included in the TUYA ecosystem: infrared remote controls, light bulbs, air conditioners, smart sockets, smart switches; temperature sensors, person sensors, smoke sensors, and Fingerprint door locks, to name a few.

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 BOZO is a proprietary software valued up to a million dollars in the United States. Thanks to the team of experienced experts, more than 1000 hotel chain managers, and the Bozo’s numerous highly relevant R&D activities, the BOZO lock line is the most optimum option, appropriate for the demands of today’s various consumers while also saving time and money.

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