RICSA D100Plus Khóa Vân Tay Cửa Gỗ Chung Cư

2.980.000 3.280.000 

Thương Hiệu RICSA
Model N100
Mục Đích Khóa Vân Tay Tuya
Bảo Hành 2 Năm
WI-Fi/ Buletooth/Zigbee Wi-FI
Người Dùng 100
Mở Bằng Vân Tay
Mở Bằng Phím
Mở Bằng Thẻ Từ
Báo Động Qua App Thông báo trạng thái mở và đóng hiện tại
Hỗ Trợ Alexa Google Home Siri
Share Ekey & Code
Chìa Khóa Cơ 2
Video Doorbell No
Đàm Thoại 2 Chiều No
OEM China
Màu sắc Bạc
Vật liệu Nhôm Nguyên Khối
Trọng lượng sản phẩm 5 Kg
Kích thước sản phẩm 7.5x7x34 cm | 2,9 x2,7×13 inch
Pin 4 AA batteries required. (included)
Đi Kèm 2 Card, 4 AA Pin , Manual &Ốc Vít
Yêu cầu độ dày cửa 1Cm
Yêu Cầu Độ Sâu Cửa 9 cm


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Mô tả

RICSA D100Plus Khóa Vân Tay Cửa Gỗ Chung Cư



Do you find it difficult and time-consuming with cumbersome keys every time you open the door? – Do you feel inconvenient with congested key chains when you go out? – Do you feel anxious about your negligence when going out to bring the key? – Are you feeling stuck when you haven’t found any solutions to solve the problems that cumbersome key chains cause for you? – Understanding these customers’ concerns, RICSA has cherished and offered solutions to help customers eliminate the troubles brought about by these key chains

The RICSA D100 Plus fingerprint lock is simple yet elegant, and it is incredibly handy because it can be controlled, recorded, and alarmed remotely from any phone. The lock is equipped with one-touch biometric technology that is extremely sensitive. Fingerprint (100 fingerprints), magnetic card (100 magnetic cards), password (100 passwords) with digital password mode, and two anti-copy mechanical keys may all be used to open the device. To prevent hacking and wave detection, the lock has its unique waveform.

The exterior border of the product is composed of high-quality alloy and has a boxy shape, giving it an angular sense when seen. The RICSA D100Plus employs a touch screen with an LED display to make the product more visible while also adding refinement and elegance. The RICSA D100Plus is an excellent choice for families that appreciate modern architecture. As a result, the product is becoming increasingly popular in apartment complexes, high-end flats, villas, and so on.

Advantages of RICSA D100

If you are a lessor or an investor, you can now set up how long and how many times a day you want to rent your property with the RICSA D100. You can also snap images and transmit them to your phone to inform the owner if someone tries to break into your house or break the lock, giving you peace of mind. The RICSA D100 will help you close the door automatically. It’s simple to clean and maintain with the anti-dust sensor screen.


Unlock super fast – super convenient and absolutely secure with unlocking features

  • + Unlock remotely, with just a smartphone, you can easily open the door without having to enter fingerprints or passcode.
  • + Unlock with the integrated fingerprint on the handle (100 fingerprints)
  • + Unlock with an anonymous password for those who have difficulty in unlocking with fingerprints (100 codes)
  • + Unlock with the magnetic card for convenient management, access control for homeowners (100 magnetic cards)
  • + Mechanical key: 2 anti-copy physical keys.
  • – Support emergency USB charging
  • – Operating temperature: -10 degrees ~ 60 degrees
  • – Power: 4 AA 1.5V batteries (1-year shelf life) – Color: black, bronze
  • – Touch screen:  dustproof, easy to clean


TUYA began as a smart home platform, and it is now the world’s largest “global platform.” The TUYA platform will offer server, cloud, and software services, as well as applications for mobile phones that manage smart home devices. Let’s take a look at the RiCSA goods that are distinctive and beneficial on this TUYA platform!


Products are warranted for 12 months . This is a reasonably priced product and you can easily decide to buy this product, which has all the features of an expensive product. With this product, you will forget about the times when you have a headache because your keys do not know where is it?
  The product is suitable and can be installed for the following types of doors
Wood door Aluminum door Brass door

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Black, copper